The Bedroom Story

A Bedroom is one of the mandatory room at the home. It is a place where people feel comfortable to relax and spend their time.

The different types of bedrooms include child bedrooms or master rooms, guest bedrooms, square bedrooms, modern bedrooms, simple bedrooms, etc.

There are many designs to make the bedroom look beautiful. The bedroom look mostly depends upon the color combination, the furniture design, and the false ceiling design The background-color also contributes some look to the room. There are many background designs like textures, simple design, 3D designs, etc; bring out the beauty of it and make rooms look good.

POP ceiling design For Bedroom


POP ceiling means PLASTER FOR PARIS where the secondary ceiling takes the support of the main ceiling. The living room is well designed with the simple bed design, cupboards, and mirror arranged on it and a well-balanced color combination in the background. Well designed false ceiling with the light arranged that gives a fabulous look to the room.

The room design also depends upon the great ambiance colors like grey, white, ceramic which makes the room look decent. The nice simple designed dressing table, the electronic equipment, the size of the room also works as Add-ons in making the bedrooms look beautiful.

Another main design that makes any room look good is the false ceiling. The false ceiling for the child’s room should be designed with modern ideas where the child should love the place. Whereas, when it comes to the master room the design should be simple and neat with bright/colorful false ceiling lights and with the alignment of decorative items makes the room look beautiful. Along with all these a room without a bed, dressing table, cupboards looks incomplete.

Some of the tips to make the room look good is:

  • A good flooring, ambiance colors like grey, white and great textures or designs on the walls.
  • Avoid contrast colors.
  • Good lighting in the room.
  • Good bed design, with a good bedsheet.
  • A good modernized design dressing table.
  • Decorative items also make the room look glorious.

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